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Busy Busy Busy

Well, where has the time gone? We do say that time flies in the garden. However, I havn’t been in it much until recently! I have mostly been running around having meetings to try and get people to come to Branch-out MK so they can benefit from the wonderful environment and atmosphere. The Waterside Festival ran from 14th to 16th June. It was amazing; great music, good weather most of the time, blacksmiths and green woodwork demonstrations lending an air of classic heritage to the mix. We built a medieval turf seat with a modern twist. It looks absolutely stunning and once the flowers start to establish themselves in the willow wall it will be amazing. It took two of us, two days with 600 willow rods, about 50 willow poles and 1 and a half tonnes of topsoil (plus soil conditioner). It looks like it’s always been there and will form a semi permanent feature (that is until it rots down in a few years time). When you sit on the seat you feel transported to another time, magical.

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