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Stones, stones and more stones.

The stones just keep on coming. Digging in the barn garden by the wall is becoming a real test of will. So many stones, presumably from when the wall was rebuilt. But needs must and when you have apple cordons to put in they need free draining soil with a good lot of organic material in there, not the claggy, wet, blue clay we are seeing! So it’s all hands on deck with everyone doing their bit, adding farmyard manure, compost and gritty sand. Now the soil is starting to look much better.imageimage

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Tree work carried out

Tree work carried out

A number of tree saplings and bushes have now been removed. These were undermining some walls and really had to be cleared. This has opened up the site so that the Almshouses and School House are now clearly visible. This will enable us to move forward with the weed clearance and redevelopment of the grounds in 2014.

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